Triumph at the Thailand Standard Open

Triumph at the Thailand Standard Open

The Top Deck team emerged victorious at the recent Thailand Standard Open, securing coveted invites to the Regional Championships in Manila. Their stellar performance showcased skill and determination, earning accolades across various formats.


Erickson Borabo's impressive 3rd/4th place finish with Domain Ramp set the stage for success, while Paulo Achacoso and Jerson Po held their own with 11th and 17th place respectively, wielding Mono-Red Aggro. Craig Garces' formidable showing with Esper Midrange at 19th place rounded out the team's stellar achievements.


Despite facing challenges in the main event, Team Good Manners rallied in side events, demonstrating resilience and prowess. Special recognition goes to Justin Andrew Lawrence Rigor for his top 8 finish, a triumph with his favorite deck.

The team extends heartfelt gratitude to Reuben Ferrer, Richmond Tan, Mon Villarta, Shyn Aizel Villarta, Carlo Gamboa, and others for their invaluable support in deck preparation. Encounters with familiar faces like John Daroen Sahagun, Jay Yeo, Mun Kit Loh, and Antonius Christian further enriched the experience, fostering camaraderie within the community.

The unwavering support of Top Deck Games and the home community fuels their passion and drives them towards greater heights. As they return to Manila, the team reflects on their achievements with pride and looks forward to continued success, united not only as competitors but as lifelong friends.

Thailand may have been a memorable stop, but the journey continues, fueled by camaraderie, determination, and endless ambition.