Kendo Matsuda [Top 8 2023 Bushiroad Championship World Finals]

Kendo Matsuda [Top 8 2023 Bushiroad Championship World Finals]


  • BCS 2017 PH Top 8
  • BCS 2018 PH Premium Champ 🏅
  • BCS 2019 PH Premium Top8
  • BCS 2022 PH Standard 4th Place
  • BCS 2023 PH VPremium Champ 🏆


Part 1: Preparation

I had like 1 month to prepare I studied the new meta for world finals by watching YouTube videos checking BCS [Bushiroad Championship Series] results and testing the decks through online.

Part 2: Deck Choice

I choose to use granblue because it is easy to use and it is very flexible it can generate a lot of hand cards and can do multiple deadly attacks. I borrowed the deck from a friend who's also 1 of the top players in CFV here in PH.

Part 3: The Grind

Since I am working my only available time is at night during weekdays. So after my shift I practiced with Dane and Sean through discord for only a little time because both of them are also practicing on their format in Premium. If both are busy I am just playing cfa or just shadowplay mastering the deck for perfect plays and studying every deck in order for me to counter them and adjust my playstyle depending on the opponent's deck. -experience gained I gained a lot of confidence on myself during this World Finals I was up against strong champions in every country and I manage to beat them and made it to top 8. This win surely gave me the confidence that I am really not just a good player but also a World Class Player. My mindset is elevated and my competitive spirit rose on the next level.

Part 4: D-day World Finals

I lost R1 due to not having a heal guard and going 2nd against MFD a strong deck if going 1st and can give you extra turn if they got all the pieces needed. R2 to R6 I will just summarize everything all of the round I was going 2nd but I got the heal guards and match up knowledge so I do know how to deal with them when they go first. The highlight was the last round deciding who would go to top8 I was featured on stream and I am very excited and in zone. I do want to see the whole world winning in stream and it did.

Part 5: Over all experience

It was very fun being able to go back here for 5 years and representing the PH for the 2nd time. Since this is a sponsored flight and accommodation I really enjoyed the perks and have so much time and budget to go shopping in akihabara. I met an old and new international VG friend also VG tubers here. It was a lot of fun going around akihabara with your squad. Most of all I am very happy for this new achievement on my tcg resume TOP8 in the World.