Angelo Gerochi (January Super Slam Cardfight Vanguard)

Angelo Gerochi (January Super Slam Cardfight Vanguard)


  • BCS 2015 - Top8
  • BCS 2019 - Top8
  • Premium BCS 2015 Cebu - Top 8
  • BSF 2022 (V) PH - 4th place
  • 3rd Place BCS 2018 (V) Cebu - 3rd place
  • BSF 2019 (V) PH - 3rd place
  • BSF 2023 (S) PH - 3rd place
  • BCS 2023 (V) PH – Finalist
  • MESCON 2022 MESCON 2023 - Champion 

21 players joined but only one stood out on top! Congratulations to Angelo Gerochi for today's Top Deck Super Slam for Cardfight!! Vanguard! A big thank you to our VG community for the continued support and to all the players who joined today's event!

Player List

Road to being a vanguard player

I was introduced to Cardfight Vanguard when two of my friends, John Requiroso and Kyle Requiroso bought the original 2 trial decks and the 1st booster box when it was released in Japanese. The game play then was very simple compared to Yugioh and MTG which I grew up playing, but I liked the simple yet hard to master mechanics of the game.

What really kept me going with playing Vanguard is the community - it was my first TCG which I had a hand in creating and fostering the player base and also the first TCG wherein me and my friends decided to travel to compete on the national stage - and I reached Top 8 and my friend won the whole event in our first ever national tournament.

A few days before the event, Vanguard had a stream outlining the new deckbuilding rules - decks are now 50 cards with 4 card ride deck, meaning all decks had an extra 4 cards to play with. My first choice was to play Gandeeva, my deck of choice for BCS 2023 - but unfortunately the deck was hit in the recent banlist and, while still strong, was now very inconsistent due to its big set-up piece being limited.

Another deck choice I had was Tamayura - the deck was recently upgraded in the latest set at the time, and I had also won with it in the ToyShow Event 2023, but with the new deck building rules, and it being a combo deck means that there are more chances of the deck whiffing and bricking.

So I decided to bring old reliable - Dragonic Overlord the End. It was the same deck I used to Top 3 in BSF 2022, and I felt like the deck didn't lose consistency with the new deckbuilding rules and it was also aggressive enough early to beat the late game decks in the current format.

D-DAY Event

Round 1 - Kendo - Lianorn One of the late game threats of the meta, I won the die roll and lay the smack down early, forcing him to use up his hand cards before he could ride his main Vanguard. Unfortunately, he hit defensive OT when I tried to push for game, and once he rode into Vivace, I was ready to roll over and die.  Luckily, I hit a 6th damage heal, and he couldn't guard my attacks the following turn.

Round 2  - Rem - Favrneel Both of our decks were early aggro decks, but his needed some set up while mine didn't. As a relative new comer to the game, he misplayed the order of resolution of his cards, and was unable to get the Vanguard restand - of which I capitalized for the win.

Round 3 and 4 Honestly I forgot who I was up against in these rounds. I do apologize, if you remember who you were, please comment, so I can update this post. 

Round 5 - Sean - Ezel I was not expecting Ezel to reach this far into the tournament, but DOTE does DOTE things - hit yellow triggers, restand for pressure, make opponent discard hand cards. And with that I won Top Deck's Super Slam Vanguard event.

Plans for the future

I hope to be able to keep playing Vanguard and join in BSFs and BCSs in the near future.  And good luck to Kendo and Dane who are going to Worlds to represent the VG PH and CDO scenes - while I also got my invite for Worlds this year, I was unable to secure my visa and so I hope to win an invite again next year.

Wrap up

Thank you very much to Top Deck for the wonderful event and thank you to the VG Community for being so active and supportive when it comes to major events such as these. To more Vanguard in this year and hopefully to more Vanguard in the future.


Player Profile:  Anjo "Thunder" Gerochi

Player Profile:  Vince Campano

Player Profile:  Kai Requioso

Player Profile:  Kendo Matsuda


We will be having our first Top Deck Super Slam Vanguard Tournament this Saturday, January 20, 2024.
Registration is Php 400 - Players will receive 2 packs upon entry(your choice of packs).

Packs distributed for the tournament will be DBT10 Dragon Masquerade