Jaime Zamora (January 2023 Flagship Champion)


  • 4x flagship finalist
  • 2x time champion

Flagship Top 8 [Deck Composition]

  • 4x Queen
  • 2x Koby
  • 1xBig mom
  • 1xPerona

Deck List

Part 1: Preparation

My buddies and I have been brainstorming on what are the decks to beat and have concluded that the Yellow and Black decks were really dominant in the current meta. So we played to our strengths and chose decks to have good matchups against them.

Part 2: Deck Choice

Played Blue/Black Sakazuki as I think it is still the best deck in the meta. Has answers to all possible scenarios, either to destroy or bottom threats from the opponent or to keep up tempo. With the introduction of OP06 the SR Moria has been turned up a notch to almost broken. Being able to provide plusing out of nowhere be it on the board or in hand.

Part 3: The Grind

I have been practicing with Busoy, Kris, Miki, Law and Karuro for a week mostly online using the OPTCG sim through discord and after standard battles as I only go out of the house on weekends. lol -experience gained If you can't beat them join them. Just pick a top tier it's way easier.

Part 4: D-day Flagship

The early rounds play a factor on how you go as most of the time you'll get paired with decks that are not part of your testing. Turned out my first round opponent was Kris who I've tested all of the yellow matchups and he was focused on using Yellow Enel for this tournament after our practice matches. Round 1 vs Kris using Yellow Enel Lost the die roll went first. I was able to clear his board thanks from the help of 4 cost Kuzan and also establish big bodies from the likes of 7 cost Borsalino and Moria. Round 2 vs Matthew using Black Moria Lost the die roll went second. I was able to clear the board while establishing big bodies again. The one thing I remember from this match was that Matthew was able to use multiple Hogbaak effects to get 2 Morias from his trash but was only able to put one on board. Round 3 vs Lyle using Blue/Black Sakazuki Won the die roll went second to get the extra draw and have the on curve Moria. A grindy match as we were both vying for position on the board and have a healthy hand size. Got lucky and was able to see multiple SR Moria. Was able to close out the game by bottoming two blockers and having multiple attacks for lethal. Round 4 vs Anjo using Green Uta Lost the die roll and went first. Was able to answer his early board and dropping my big bodies. The sheer card and board advantage the SR Moria provides is insane. Round 5 vs Dane using Yellow Katakuri This was the hardest matchup in my testing and was hoping to dodge all of them. Sadly it did not happen. lol Lost the die roll went first. We both were able to have multiple searchers early but both whiffed on our second ones. On my first attack he was able to trigger Satori but opted not to attack for two turns with it and was only playing Sanji blockers. On my 2 life turn Dane attacked first with Katakuri for 7K and I used two 2k counters to bait him into attacking two more times with Satori and a Pudding so that I'll go down to zero life to lessen the 10 cost Big Mom advantage the following turn and he took the bait. I was able to answer the board and have a blocker up with multiple 2K counters in hand. I opted for this line as he already used an Amaru trigger and I expected that there is only one out for him to provide lethal and that was Reject. Good thing on his turn he only went with 10 cost Big Mom and attack for 5K. I was able to answer the Big Mom and continued to pressure his life while adding another blocker and more 2K counters to hand from searchers or Rebecca. A second Big Mom came but I already have big bodies on board. (Kindly watch the VOD up on TD's Facebook page as I can't remember all the details.. lol) Ended winning the whole thing. lol

Part 5: Over all experience

Really exhausting as I really wanted to play decks that I love but given the current meta that was not possible. Even though I somewhat enjoyed my time playing Sakazuki it feels disgusting to be able to do what it does. Shoutout to my testing buddies!