Jaime Zamora [February Super Slam One Piece]

Jaime Zamora [February Super Slam One Piece]


  • 4x flagship finalist
  • 3x flagship champion

Player List

How did you prepare for the tournament?

I reviewed decklists and matches from Japanese tournaments on what they were adding from the EB01 set. Sakazuki still looked really strong and yellow did get some new toys too. But I was excited for the Kid and Killer Rare for red as it was an upgrade to some of my favorite decks and also the Secret Rare Bonclay was an upgrade to the Film Ain for Red Purple Law.


What factors did you consider when choosing which deck to use?

The deck I chose was Red Purple Law as I felt that it has a good to 50/50 matchup with most the meta decks.


Why did you not play UB Sakazuki, the S tier deck for the current meta?

I wanted to try the new additions from EB01 to Red/Purple Law and to have fun. Did not expect to go undefeated. lol


Any suggestions for people who are just starting to play OPTCG? or to those who are hesitant to play?

For new players you can try all the decks on the OPTCG simulator or watch YouTube videos on matches on the leaders you are interested. Once you’ve found a deck you like you could ask veteran players on the strengths and weaknesses of the deck.

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